Lucid 1.0.16

Lucid 1.0.16

Lucid 1.0.16 | Mac Os X | 19 MB

Lucid is a new App for the Mac, it's a new way of adding Animations, and other apabilities to your web pages. You can add simple menu transitions, Google Maps, JSON requests and so much more. Lucid is like JavaScript Lego® for yor webpages, you can add capabilitity by building with blocks, not complicated code. Lucid requires no knowledge of JavaScript, but you can add custom code if you want to. Lucid creates industry-standard JavaScript, so it's compatible with all modern browsers, including Safari on the iPhone®. Lucid is more than just animation, you can process data from forms, create maps, JSON driven line charts, and almost anything else you can think of.

How does it work?
Lucid uses Actions and Connections to create Workflows that can control elements on any standard webpage. Actions and Connections are added through simple menus and Drag&Drop.
The Actions control objects on the webpage by using JavaScript, and only very small changes are made to the HTML of the page itself.
The Lucid User Interface even shows the path of the code by wiggling the Actions!

At least 1GB of RAM
Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion (Recommended)
An Intel Mac