Abexo Defragmenter Pro Plus 5.0 Retail

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Abexo Defragmenter Pro Plus 5.0 Retail

Abexo Defragmenter Pro Plus 5.0 Retail | Win32 | Size: 1.22 MB
Abexo Disk Defragmenter Pro/Plus is a software to automate the necessary steps for an efficient and problem-free disk defrag

* Does defragmenting your hard disk take too long time?
* Does your screen saver interfere when you defrag your hard disks?
* Does Drive's content changed: restarting … sound familiar?
* Does Windows cannot defragment this drive because … sound familiar?
* Did you know that besides disk defragmentation, a disk optimization would tremendously speed up computer performance?
* Did you know that Windows pagefile (swapfile), besides slowing down the defrag process, is the main reason for poor results after a disk defrag?
* Did you know that defragmenting ~500 MB of Temporary Internet Files, index.dat files and junk files is waste of time and you should clean up your disk before disk defrag?




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