ADD Suite 9.0 Build 554

Posted By: quil__23

ADD Suite ver. 9.0 Build 554

ADD Suite 9.0 brings together the most popular disk management functions in a single suite:
-Partition manager: Resize, copy, and move partitions without losing your data;
-Boot manager: Create dual boot and multiboot environments;
-Disk editor: Edit hard disk manually;
-Partition recovery: Recover lost or deleted partition.

ADD Suite is a complex program that includes partition and boot managers and hard disk data editing tools. With it, you can:
• Create hard disk partitions
• Resize and move them without data loss and destruction
• Convert partitions to other file systems without data loss
• Copy (move) partition contents
• Delete partitions
• Recover hard disk partitions that were accidentally deleted or damaged
• due to a hardware or software error
• Format, label, assign letters, hide and unhide partitions, set active
• partitions and perform additional disk management operations
• Install multiple operating systems on a single PC
• Boot installed operating systems from any hard disk partition
• Boot installed operating systems from under Windows
• Install several operating systems on a single partition
• Hide or protect with a password any operating system on your PC
• Duplicate installed operating systems and define different configurations for each copy
• Recover boot records, files and folders structure, find lost clusters, remove viruses, etc.After installation ADD Suite 9.0 lets you create a bootable diskette or CD to manage partitions on a computer with any operating system