ArtRage 2.11

Posted By: bill_gates

ArtRage 2 has many more features, including the following:

Layers: Paint on transparent layers to build up more complex images without the paint blending with your underlying work. The texture of the underlying paint will still show through, as if it were dry on your canvas.

PSD Support: Import and export PSD files, with their layers intact.

Custom Colours: Load and save custom colour set and colour pickers to fine tune your colour work.

Crop & Resize: Crop and resize your paintings during work.

Simple, Intuitive Interface: The ArtRage interface is easy to understand and doesn’t get in the way of your work. In fact, it even gets out of the way while you’re painting…

Customisable Canvases: Change the grain, colour, and even metallic nature of your canvas at any time during your work.

Canvas Positioning: Move, Scale, and Rotate the canvas to your preferred angle.

Tablet Support: ArtRage uses your tablet’s pressure and tilt support where available.

Tool Cursors: Every tool has a cursor that tells you exactly how big the tool head is, to make it easier to see what’s going to be applied.

Multi-Monitor Support: ArtRage supports multi-monitor systems.

System Requirements:
os : Windows 2000/XP
Ram :128 MB

Download :