Portable Kaspersky Anti-virus Beta

Posted By: mikicun
Portable Kaspersky Anti-virus Beta by MiKiCuN

Portable Kaspersky Anti-virus Beta

registered until 07/2007… (still a year to go..)
defination updated until 6/30/2006…


You are welcome to download From OxyShare:

Sorry… my mistake!! I forgot to add kaspersky's system & driver files… please extract PKAV601.exe, you will get 2 files, setup.exe & dat1.tmp, now run setup.exe and minize the console installation windows, you will find another file, dat.tmp next to setup.exe file. copy the dat.tmp file to kaspersky_portable and rename to system.exe. you will need this file to run Portable Kaspersky on a different computer because it contains the kaspersky's system & driver files. next time when you run kaspersky from a different computer, please run the system.exe file first followed by avp6.exe… then there will be no problems anymore…