Belltech Info Protect Data Security 1.3

Posted By: Dweu
Belltech Info Protect Data Security 1.3

Belltech Info Protect Data Security 1.3 | 1.4 MB

Encrypt and hide data within image files- In today's digital world we keep a lot of sensitive information in computer and emails or send via email. These data can be easily seen by other if not protected properly. So to protect our privacy and security we need to save ourselves from he preying eyes. Belltech InfoProtect is a perfect solution to that demanding needs.

How InfoProtect works?
Belltech InfoProtect uses an elegent method to implement privacy and security of our sensitive data. It encrypts and hides data within ordinary images. You choose some image and embed your data inside the image. The resulted image file works like a normal image and can be viewed normally by any image viewer. Nobody will know that there is some hidden message or file inside the image. The hidden data is also encryptes with your password. Without knowing your password nobody can decrypt and reveal the hidden text or file.

Product Highlights:
# Encrypt your text and embed into an image file.
# Encrypt any file(including .exe) and embed into an image file.
# Email your image containing hidden data to someone.
# Supports images of jpeg, gif and bmp.
# Easy-to-use graphical user interface.