CyberMotion 3D-Designer ver.

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CyberMotion 3D-Designer is a professional tool set for modeling, animating and rendering 3D objects.

CyberMotion 3D-Designer features a multi-window graphical user interface, integrated 3D modeling tools, hierarchical animation, a raytrace renderer, and a host of special effects, such as lens flares, motion blur, object deformation, animated starfields, real particle systems and much more.

All the modules required to generate, manipulate and model, represent and animate the three-dimensional world are integrated into one program: CyberMotion 3D-Designer.

There is a choice of several rendering algorithms, from simple scanline (depth buffer) to up-to-date global illumination rendering methods using raytracing and photon mapping. The possibilities to define object surfaces, light conditions and backgrounds are almost inexhaustible - visual libraries and fast preview windows in the main dialogs invite to experiment and play around with this vast functionality.

Complex 3D animations can be set up very easily - you can animate all objects, camera and light settings, backgrounds, fire, water and even clouds and fog in the atmosphere. You can arrange objects in hierarchies to animate jointed models or robots and easily position joints with the help of Inverse Kinematics.

And with the up to date Skin and Bones technology even character animation is available with CyberMotion. Call your own heros and monsters into being, CyberMotion gives you all the tools you need to do it.

The graphical user interface allows you to design complex 3D scenes while working in multiple windows simultaneously. Just select an object and drag it with your mouse to move, scale, rotate or deform it in the corresponding work modes.

Clearly arranged dialogs containing visual libraries make it easy to load prefabricated files and to modify them to your own needs. Big preview windows in the main dialogs provide a quick overview of the scene, so just play around and test everything. With the multiple Undo/Redo-functions almost everything can be undone or redone, respectively.

Design your own objects, fast and easy with the built in modelling tools like:

Extrusion Editor with B-Spline-curves (a drawing in the editor is provided with a depth - e.g. for logos - with bevels, twisted or as a spiral object…)
Sweep Editor (a drawing is turned about a vertical axis to create a symmetrical rotary object such as a glass, torus, cone, cylinder…)
NURBS (a special type of deformable 3D surfaces and cylinders. By manipulating control points on the surface you can model very easily smooth and organic shapes.)
Boolean Operations (e.g. 'Box' minus 'Cylinder' results in a box with a hole)
3D-Text (select any TrueTypeFont to create 3D-Text objects with or without bevels…)
Simple or analytical based primitives, such as boxes, spheres, ellipsoids, cylinders and so forth…)
3D-Function Generator
Landscape Editor for complex terrain design

After creating an object you still can add further detail by adding or deleting points or faces, dragging out new segments from the objects surface with the mouse (Facet Extrude), deforming or detaching parts of it, and so on. The multiple UNDO-function makes it easy to test all kind of operations, since everything can be undone or repeated again.

Of course you can also import objects in common file formats like 3DS, DXF or RAW. CyberMotion exports projects in it's own CMO-format and in DirectX, VRML 2.0, 3DS, DXF or RAW-file formats

Along with CyberMotion 3D-Designer comes a rich illustrated context-sensitive help manual with lots of tutorials and examples. Context sensitive help can be obtained at any time pressing the F1-key. In addition, registered users can download a revised printable version of the help file on our download section (PDF document, about 350 pages).