Depth Of Field Generator PRO v3.0.72 for Adobe Photoshop

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Depth Of Field Generator PRO v3.0.72 for Adobe Photoshop

Depth Of Field Generator PRO v3.0.72 for Adobe Photoshop | Win32 |Size: 2.2 MB

Depth of Field Generator PRO is the result of ongoing research, development and programming collaboration between Richard Rosenman and Martin Vicanek in an effort to produce a Photoshop® compliant plugin capable of delivering high quality, sophisticated Depth of Field and Bokeh effects quickly and efficiently as a post process.

•Realistic simulation of complex depth of field camera effects
•Full Batch / Animation / Keyframing support, including:
- Industry standardized sequentially padded file reader
- Support for all common graphics file formats including .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff, .tga
- Source, Depth Map and Output image specification
- Hold frame option for single source frames requiring sequential depth maps
- Hold frame option for single depth Map frames requiring sequential source maps
- Automatic Start and End frame counter
- Start and End frame adjustment / range selection
- Log file generation and display
- Automatic preview window updater
- Full keyframe animation support of all sliders complete with animation curves
- Graphic display and interactive editing of all animation curves
- Broad range of animation curve interpolation methods
- Custom interpolation mode for ease in/out, hard in/out etc.
- Keyframe jump-to features
- Keyframe copy and paste features
- Interactive timeline scrubbing
- Frame preview
•Various Depth Map modes, including:
- Fixed Defocus
- Vertical Gradient
- Radial Gradient
- External Depth Map
•Powerful focal point adjustment and visualization tools, including:
- Focal Depth controller allowing the user to change the focal point of an already existing depth map
- Preview window clickable option for interactively selecting where the user wants the focal point - DEMO 1 - DEMO 2
- Option to display the currently selected depth map or focal point
- Option to overlay the depth map over the source image for visual representation of the focal plane
•Numerous Depth Map editing tools, including:
- Inversion
- Brightness
- Contrast
- Gamma
- Rotation
- Stretch Range
- Clamp Range
- Scale Range
•Depth Map Edge Management for artefact reduction/elimination, including:
- Alias Depth Map
- Adjustable Edge Threshold
- Adjustable Edge Blurring
- Option to display selected edges
•Full Aperture / Bokeh control, including:
- Custom Aperture Maps (Create your own aperture shapes in any external application)
- Selectable Aperture Shape (Circular, Pentagonal, Hexagonal, Heptagonal, Octagonal, Custom Aperture Map)
- Adjustable Aperture Size
- Adjustable Bokeh Angle
- Adjustable Bokeh Curvature/Roundness (Both negative and positive values)
- Adjustable Bokeh Spherical Aberration (Bokeh 'rings' - Both negative and positive values)
- Option to toggle between low and high aperture sizes (to accomodate film and print requirements)
- Option to display selected Bokeh
•Highlight Enhancement Tools, including:
- New and improved Highlight preservation algorithm
- New and improved Bokeh visibility algorithm
- Adjustable Highlight Threshold
- Adjustable Highlight Enhancement
- Ability to Tint Highlights with selectable color
- Option to display selected highlights (both processed and unprocessed)
•Sophisticated Grain Rendering Engine, including:
- Animated or static grain
- Monochromatic or random color grain
- Uniform, Photometric, Additive or Subtractive modes
- Fixed, Depth Map or Blur Amount-controlled distribution
- Ability to Tint Grain with selectable color
- Instant display of selected grain on a gradient strip
•Highly Detailed Rendering Console, including:
- Single-Frame Progress Bar Indicator
- Detailed graphical batch progress bar
- Detailed numerical batch progress bar
- Detailed single frame and batch mode timer
- Detailed status messaging window
- Option to disable preview window for faster workflow
- Resolution controlled menu for faster workflow
- Selected aperture shape visual display
- Full preview rendering statistics
- Full final image rendering statistics
- Zoom preview options for faster workflow
•Easy interface navigation and usability, including:
- Saving and loading of user settings
- Help display
- Source Image Information display
- Global reset option
- Local reset options (per category)

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