Emergency Boot CD-ROM

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Emergency Boot CD-ROM

EBCD stands for “Emergency Boot CD-ROM”, a toolkit to created user-customized bootable CDs. It includes base package of system software intended for crash prevention and crash recovery purposes. All software included to the base disk package is distibuted freely, or under terms of GNU GPL/LGPL licenses; or is demo version of shareware product. The distribution consists of following parts:
  • makeebcd.exe — build utility
  • settings.xml — master configuration file
  • CDROM-PRO or CDROM-LITE — a folder which contains description of top-level CD-ROM contents.
  • BOOTRDn-PRO or BOOTRDn-LITE — a folders which contains description of nth boot ramdisk contents.
Run makeebcd.exe (without any extra command line options). Build process consists of 5 steps (none of them requires interaction with user), so just wait for a while.
Freeware 17Mb
Pass: AvaxHome