Fly High 1 Active Teach (CD-ROM)

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Fly High 1 Active Teach (CD-ROM)

Fly High 1 Active Teach (CD-ROM) | 142.6 Mb
Publisher: Longman | 2010 | ISBN: 1408258293 | English | EXE

Fly High is a motivating four-level course for young learners that integrates reading, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a fun and engaging way. Language is presented in humorous cartoon stories and follows the adventures of the Fly High characters.

• Games and songs are used to consolidate language and a 'Reading for Pleasure' story develops reading skills and recycles language in a new context
• The Activity Book and Pupil's CD-ROM with interactive songs and games offer further opportunities for consolidation and revision
• Additional teacher resources include flashcards, photocopiable worksheets and posters
• The Active Teach CD-ROM provides an Interactive version of the Pupil's Book that turns Fly High into a dynamic multimedia teaching tool

Language is presented through engaging cartoon stories featuring likeable characters: Cabu the lion, Trumpet the elephant, and Paco the parrot.

Fly High 1 Active Teach (CD-ROM)