HexAssistant ver.1.8

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HexAssistant ver.1.8

HexAssistant ver.1.8 | 2,51 MB

HexAssistant is a hex editor for Windows. With HexAssistant you can edit, copy, cut, paste, insert, and delete hex, print hex dumps, and export to C Source or Java Source file. HexAssistant also contains a Data Quick Viewer and Structure Viewer so you can view and edit the interpreted decimal values.

General features

- Import structure from C/C++ files.
- The font of Editor can be customized.
- Copy hex data to clipboard as C/java Source.
- Disk Editor.
- View and edit the files in hex mode.
- Highlight the modified data.
- Unlimited undo and redo operations.
- Find variable data in file(s), e.g. Hex, Text and Value.
- Compare files and show the difference.
- Export hex data to C Source , Jave Source or Text file.
- Generate checksums for all or part of a file, e.g. CRC-16, CRC- 32, MD2, MD4, MD5 and SHA1.
- Save a block of data as a new file.
- Interpret values in either Little Endian (e.g. Intel) or Big Endian (e.g. Motorola) byte ordering.