HumanConcepts OrgPlus Professional v6.0.421

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HumanConcepts OrgPlus Professional v6.0.421

HumanConcepts OrgPlus Professional v6.0.421 | Win32 |Size: 36.2 MB

OrgPlus Professional extends the power of OrgPlus Standard by enabling you to create and update data-rich org charts automatically, with just a few clicks. Ensure you’re always viewing the most up-to-date information by connecting OrgPlus to your HR database; and share your charts across the organization with advanced publishing capabilities.

Perfect for companies who want to visualize and analyze a workforce of 100 or several thousand employees, this industry-leading solution sets the standard for organizational charting.

With OrgPlus Professional, you can:

* Create Data-Rich Org Charts Automatically
OrgPlus automatically imports employee information from
virtually any source—including HR and ERP systems, ODBC, SQL Server, LDAP and Active Directory—and creates your org charts based on the data. Refine the look and feel of your charts to reflect your brand identity by using pre-built design templates and applying multiple effects.

* Update Charts with One Click
Generate org charts that reflect up-to-date employee information by connecting OrgPlus to your HR system—such as SAP, Oracle, and Kronos—or simply import data manually from any source. One-click data refresh eliminates the need to re-import data as
it changes in your database; or you can schedule routine data refreshes in advance.

* Share Charts Across Your Organization
Publish entire charts—not just images of charts—directly on a corporate intranet or shared network to enable collaboration between groups. And share your charts by publishing them in their entirety to MS Word, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF and allowing others to view, search, and print or save them.

* Analyze and Understand Your Workforce
Use built-in spreadsheet functions and dynamic reporting capabilities to turn OrgPlus Professional into a decision-making
tool for your company. Build what-if business scenarios and
export the data to Excel for further analysis or for inclusion in business plans and budgets.

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