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iSumsoft BitLocker Reader

Posted By: melt_
iSumsoft BitLocker Reader

iSumsoft BitLocker Reader | 13.2 Mb

iSumsoft BitLocker Reader, a handy and robust BitLocker manage tool for Windows users, provides an easier and faster way to encrypt data like the built-in Windows feature, for various hard drives, media, and partitions, supporting both MBR and GPT partition tables. It provides you with a reliable solution for your encryption needs.

- Turn on & off BitLocker encryption in Any Windows Editions
- Encrypt Windows drives, partitions, and movable drivers with two modes
- Easily unlock BitLocker encrypted volumes
- Compatible with MBR & GPT partition tables
- Supports Windows 11/10/7 Home & Windows 8/8.1 Core & Windows 7 Pro Editions

Enjoy BitLocker in Any Windows Edition
In addition to Windows-supported Editions (Pro, Enterprise, Pro Education/SE, Education), iSumsoft BitLocker Reader allows you to turn on & off BitLocker in Windows 7/10/11 Home & Windows 8/8.1 Core & Windows 7 Pro Editions, with no feature limitations.

Perfectly Encrypt Disks with Two Solutions
iSumsoft BitLocker Reader offers you two modes to enable BitLocker for your drives, encrypting the entire volume or encrypting only the used space. Either way, your data is securely and robustly protected against unauthorized access. Whether you prefer full encryption or efficient prioritization by used space only, iSumsoft BitLocker Reader ensures that your precious data is protected according to your preferences.

Powerful data encryption
iSumsoft BitLocker Reader provides powerful data encryption to ensure the high security of your data. By turning on encryption, any type of data is unreadable by anyone without proper authorization. This means that even if your PC or hard drive is lost or stolen, your data won't be exposed or tampered with.

Home Page - https://www.isumsoft.com/