LivePIM Conduit Buddy ver. 3.1

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LivePIM Conduit Buddy ver. 3.1

LivePIM Conduit Buddy ver. 3.1 | Win32 | 1,06 Mb

All application and system conduits are listed in the program, you may remoove the garbage conduits with only a click! You may also install new conduits by files. For the uninstalled but still useful conduits, Conduit Buddy will record your uninstall history and you may restore them at anytime as you wish.

What does Conduit Buddy do?
Currently, Conduit Buddy is a tool to install/uninstall the conduits on your PC. In most cases, it is the Palm application's responsibility to install the conduits they used, but sometimes we want our Palm application to synchronize with some different desktop applications. For example, we want the conduit to synchronize both the Outlook address book and the Palm Desktop address book. We have no way to do that now. Because HotSync Manager doesn't allow one Palm application to synchronize with multiple desktop application with multiple conduits. By using Conduit Buddy, we can install/uninstall the conduits dynamically and then do the synchronization.

How to install/uninstall conduits using Conduit Buddy?
To install a new conduit, just click the "install" button on the dialog, select a conduit dll and install it. To uninstall a conduit, select the conduit in the listview, then click "uninstall" button on the dialog. The installed conduit has a white hammer image and the uninstalled conduit has a black hammer image in the listview. To install a conduit you uninstalled previously, click the "properties" button, then install it.

What is the Creator ID?
The application ID is a four-character ID of the Palm application. It should not be misused. If you are not sure about the Application ID you can send mail to us to get support in
Or you can find some well known conduit information here.

What else should I do before HotSync?
After you have installed/uninstalled the conduits, the HotSync Manager need to be restarted to make the install/uninstall effective. Or you will not see the change in the HotSync Manager's custom conduit dialog.

Special Notice
When you install a conduit with another conduit related to the same Palm application, Conduit Buddy will ask you to uninstall the existed conduit because HotSync Manager doesn't allow one Palm application synchronize with multiple conduits. If you choose to install the conduit, the existed conduit will be uninstalled automatically.
Before you uninstall your conduit, you had better know the conduit dll file name. It is recommended that you do not need to uninstall conduit if you just want to install another conduit related to the same Palm application, Conduit Buddy will do it.


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