Maxclear V3 theme For Vista

Posted By: lsdmeasap2
Maxclear V3 theme  For Vista

Maxclear V3 theme | 2.05 MB

Follow up to the original and V2 theme created by Sonicexcess

Maxclear V3 theme  For Vista

Maxclear V3 theme  For Vista


This is a 2nd follow-up to my original Aero Maxclear theme. V2 was popular in its own way but then there seemed to be a lot of copycats turning up. So for V3 I decided to do something different again and try to steer away from the copies of my original themes. But as I found this is quite hard to do with the current applications at my disposal.
There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of very subtle differences in V3 compared to V2. Most people will not see them at first. But then there are the obvious changes. New start menu with uniformed glass. New flat glass taskbar. New start orb and most of all the more transparent glass all around. There is also a new sidebar style to go with the theme.There is also the Metallic silver basic theme for people who cant use Aero as seen in V2.

For the extra transpancy effect you will also need to adjust 1 thing.

1. Right click on your desktop and click 'Personalize'
2. Open Appearance settings
3. Go to 'windows colour and appearance'
4. Click on 'Default' for your glass effect
5. Now move the slider to the far left for the clearest glass
5. Apply

Download 2.05 MB RAR