OLFolders v2.7

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OLFolders v2.7

OLFolders v2.7 | Win32 |Size: 7.7 MB

Groupware server for Outlook without a complicated network server. Easily access Outlook contacts, appointments, emails, tasks and all other types in a network with your team members.
Simply install the OLfolders Server application at any computer in your network, and allow other workstations to access the data in real time. Depending on your configuration, even multiple OLfolders Server can run at different computers and clients are able to access all of them.

OLfolders can be used parallel to an existing Microsoft Exchange server, for example to share data in a small workgroup having their own public folders without permission to create new public folders at Exchange.

* Simply share you Outlook in a network, either the standard data file with emails or for example only your calendar or data in other data files.
* Integrates seamlessly into all versions of Microsoft Outlook
* Compatible with Outlook, Windows, Terminal Server, Exchange Server
* Networks - 'Peer-to-Peer' and 'Client-Server' networks
* Sharing of contacts, emails, journals, tasks, appointments, user defined forms, …
* Possible of central backups

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