Pinnacle Systems Commotion Pro 4.1

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Pinnacle Systems Commotion Pro 4.1

Commotion Pro 4.1 | Win32 | 35MB

Pinnacle Commotion Pro 4.1 combines the power of the paintbrush with intuitive compositing and effects tools to deliver breakthrough performance and control on the desktop. Commotion is just what you need for all of your motion graphics, video effects, digital cinema, and web streaming media projects. Commotion is designed by award-winning special effects artists and leading film makers. Pinnacle provides you with smart tools that are easy to use and deliver the ultimate experience and control. Real-time brushes, interactive Rub-Text, instant feedback, and advanced integration provide you with the control you need.

Commotion stands alone in combining leading paint and effects technology with full-featured advanced compositing tools, and is the only desktop application to offer instant playback of moving video, DTV, HDTV, and film images directly from RAM or disk, using the exclusive SuperCache technology. Commotion speeds up your workflow and delivers a superior environment for creative work. Commotion delivers more: the most powerful rotoscoping tools, the fastest image tracking system for fixing shaky shots or handling match moves, a 3rd generation paint system written from the ground up to ensure quality retouching, and a host of easy-to-use filters for superior keying, cleaning up composites, and adding text and other effects. Commotion is what you need to turn your vision into reality.


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