[Rapid & Oxyshare] RogueWave Stingray Studio 2004

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[Rapid & Oxyshare] RogueWave Stingray Studio 2004

RogueWave Stingray Studio 2004

Reduce time-to-market with this comprehensive set
of integrated GUI components. Stingray Studio is
designed to handle the low-level details of GUI
application development, so you can focus on the
business logic.

Get all of our Stingray components in one package!
Stingray Studio includes:

Objective Toolkit - Variety of drop-in components
that address areas not covered by the MFC and ActiveX

Objective Grid - The only grid that provides components
for MFC, ActiveX and Microsoft .NET in a single package.

Objective Edit - Components for implementing an advanced
text editor, similar to the Microsoft Visual C++ editor.

Objective Chart - High-performance, advanced charting
capabilities - including a variety of two-dimensional
chart types.

Objective Views - Components for incorporating custom
graphical objects and enhanced drawing capabilities
into your application.

Stingray Studio 2004 has the following new features:

Alternative implementation of the Excel read/write
Grid feature to support Unicode and the latest
versions of Excel
Improved support for Multiple Monitors functionality
under Windows 2000 and Windows NT
More user-friendly installation process
Support for wrapping Objective Grid and Objective
Views into dialog applications and exporting the
related features and APIs to the C#
development environment.


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Next things for share (all MFC/DLL/LIB/ClassLibrary for Visual Studio 6.0):

- BCGSoft Control Bar and Professional Editor (old and new versions);
- CodeJock XtremeToolkit (old and new versions);
- Dundas MFC Development Suite 1.0 (old);
- FarPoint Button/Calendar/Input/Spread/etc. (old);
- Leadtools Application Developer Toolkits 11.5/13/14 and other (Medical, Raster, Vector, etc.);
- Stingray Objective Studio 1.0 and old version of Objective Edit, Grid, Toolkit and View;
- TXTextControl Pro 7.0 - 10.0 with update;
- TrollTech Qt 3.x.x - 4.1.x with addons.

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