Snappy Fax v3.71.1.1

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Snappy Fax v3.71.1.1

Snappy Fax v3.71.1.1

Snappy Fax v3.71.1.1

Snappy Fax v3.71.1.1 | 5.67 Mb
Includes the most extensive set of features of any stand-alone fax program .

Snappy Fax includes the most extensive set of features of any stand-alone fax program in its price range. For that matter, we are not aware of any fax program in any price range that has as many features.

Overview of Features:
Faxes can be sent from any Windows program
Receive faxes directly to your PC
Supports acquiring images from your scanner for faxing
Supports flat-bed or auto-sheet fed scanners
Compatible with all Twain compliant scanners
Fax Queueing (broadcasting) - faxes may be queued to send at a specific date, time and frequency or to send on-demand. Great for sending out that weekly newsletter or other publication.
Support sending fax images via email
Send as an email attachment
Send as an inline email image
Automatic forwarding of incoming faxes to either another fax machine, or any number
of email addresses.
Filtering of unwanted incoming junk faxes.
"Capture mode" allows you to capture images from different windows applications and send as one multi-page fax in a single transmission.
Automatically generate ready-to-fax images of Word or Excel documents or documents from other applications that support the "printto" command line directive.
Fax images can be printed automatically (incoming) or printed at any time on-demand (outgoing and incoming)
Supports saving of fax images in PDF Format
Fax images can be sent to a website for viewing with a web browser.
Supports sending and receiving faxes to other Snappy Fax users via email, ftp or local area network
You can easily resend a fax without re-entering any information. The entire fax or just specific pages can be sent.
Includes Address Book which supports Importing from Outlook contacts
Includes extensive set of tools to annotate (markup) fax images.
Image manipulation tools included:
Rotate image
Despeckle Image (remove "dust")
Deskew (Straighten) image
Cut page from multi-page image
Rearrange page order
Zoom, Pan and Magnify modes
And more…
Optional Optical Character Recognition module can produce editable text from fax image. Includes "live" spell checking and numerous dictionaries.
Includes address book with ability to import from Outlook Contacts or from tab or comma-delimited text files
Doubles as a client to Snappy Fax Network Server
Integrated full featured cover page designer with preview
Supports Word Documents as cover page templates
Comes with nine cover templates already constructed and ready for use.
Customizable data grids that can be sorted or filtered on any column.
Built-in "Live Update" for software updates
Fax Report listings
And much, much more…




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Worth having: cFosSpeed

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