Stattoo 1.5 Universal for Mac OS X

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Stattoo 1.5 Universal for Mac OS X

Stattoo 1.5 | Universal | Mac OSX | 1.12MB
Displays info capsules (time, weather…) on desktop picture

Stattoo is a brand-new Mac OS X application that “tattoos” digital statistics right on your desktop picture: out of the way, but always handy. Stattoo takes this useful digital info, packages it up in cute little capsules, and beautifully blends them in with your desktop picture. Now you can easily check information such as the time, temperature, last few e-mails received, battery power, and much more, by simply glancing at your desktop. Stattoo works hard to stay out of your way – tucked underneath your icons, its capsules aren't clickable – but it's always there when you need it. Design-wise, Stattoo was carefully crafted to complement Mac OS X, not painfully distract from it. It's super – configurable – you can change Stattoo's font color, transparency, brightness, and much more. And finally, thanks to Expose's Show Desktop function, Stattoo is always just a function key away – or, if you prefer, Stattoo can even pop on top of all your windows at any time with a customizable key-press of its own, or with a click of the dock icon.
And here's what Stattoo looks like when running:

Stattoo 1.5 Universal for Mac OS X


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