Ulead Burn Now ver.1.50.13

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Ulead Burn Now ver.1.50.13
Ulead Burn Now ver.1.50.13 | 18 MB


* Make Audio DVD Discs
Ulead Burn.Now allows you to pack 45 hours of Dolby® Digital Audio music onto one DVD disc. Double that size with new Double Layer burners. Bring in uncompressed CD music and let Ulead Burn.Now do the conversion for you. Play these discs on any DVD player in your home or car.
* Burn DVD-Audio Discs
Get 6 hours of great, uncompressed-quality music on a DVD-Audio disc. Play on DVD-Audio players or on DVD players that support the DVD-Audio format. .
* Create Audio Compilation CDs
Ulead Burn.Now allows users to easily create their own collection of Compact Disc-Digital Audio (CD-DA) tracks. Ulead Burn.Now automatically converts MP3, WMA or other audio files into CD-DA format (wav format) that can be played on any commercial CD player
* Built-in Preview Player
Ulead Burn.Now allows "instant previews" by playing selected audio tracks as users build their audio compilation. It assists in the selection of the ideal play order and tracks.
* CD Text Info Logging
Ulead Burn.Now allows users to enter album name, artist, arranger and language data, which are displayed when the Audio disc is played on CD Text-capable players.
* Make DVD and CD MP3 Music Discs
Create MP3 CD and DVD music compilations by importing and arranging existing MP3 formatted files. Also edit MP3 information data tags to keep track of your music.
* Audio CD Ripping
Easily get music from CDs and convert songs to MP3 files or simply make a new mix CD - ideal for compiling users' favorite music to a play list.
* Audio Conversion
Save time by converting various formats of audio files to MP3 or any other supported format. Conversion is automatic depending on the type of disc project choosen.
* MP3 Encoding
Users can collect their favorite music from multiple albums and convert to MP3 for creating long-play MP3 discs.


* Backup data to any CD
Ulead Burn.Now allows users to take advantage of CD discs to burn data which is an inexpensive way to store and share files.
* Backup data to any DVD
Users can burn any files from hard disk onto DVD. DVDs offer a storage size of 4.7GB, which allows users to backup any critical files and photo/video memories from their hard drive to DVD for safekeeping.
* Data disc editing
Whether using CDs or DVDs in the re-writable format, users can continue to edit data on a disc like they would on a portable hard drive.
* Make DVDs/CDs act like hard drives
Format your discs with the UDF file system to conveniently drag files on and off the disc, just like it was a computer hard drive.
* Double Layer Support
Now users can import from and burn movies to double layer DVD+R discs with twice the capacity of standard DVDs.


* Duplicate any non-copy protected data, audio, and video discs
This allows users to copy onto various disc formats such as CD-R/ RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD-RAM. Ulead Burn.Now's Disc Copy feature is so versatile that users can copy discs whether they have a single or multiple drives.
* Multi-format Copy Support
Users can copy between multiple formats within the same medium. For example, users can copy CDs such as CD-R to CD-RW (or vice versa) or DVDs from DVD-R to DVD-RW (or vice versa).
* Single Drive Copy
Ulead Burn.Now allows users with only one CD/DVD writer to copy discs.
* "On the Fly" Disc Copy
For users with two CD/DVD drives, Ulead Burn.Now copies a disc directly to the destination disc "on the fly" using disc to disc copying.
* Copy to a Disc Image
For users with no CD/DVD disc writing drives, Ulead Burn.Now creates a disc image file, storing a copy of the disc in the hard drive. The disc image file can be later burned onto a disc. This is ideal for situations where disc burners are shared between users.


* Erase Discs
Ulead Burn.Now gives two options to erase discs depending on a user's needs. Quick Erase is useful when the user is under time constraints and Full Erase which allows a more thorough erasure of the CD.
* Format Discs
Ulead Burn.Now gives users the flexibility to specify disc formats. The UDF format allows discs to be created that exceed the 4GB limit in file size, which is a limitation of the ISO format.
* Built-in Info
Disc Info and Drive Info equip users with vital information to customize their CD/DVD projects.
* Disc Meter
The Disc Meter visually depicts available disc space and protects users from over-burning their discs. For audio disc compilations, the Disc Meter automatically displays total time available.
* Burning Speed Options
During the Disc Creation Step, users can specify the disc writing speed to guarantee successful burning in Ulead Burn.Now.