WinTariff 2.6 Call Accounting Software for PBX

Posted By: vioren

WinTariff 2.6 Call Accounting Software for PBX

If you have or if you want to buy office PBX, you want your PBX will satisfy you on all 100%. For this purpose we present our Call Accounting Software called WinTariff.

WinTariff is a software for the account of your PBX calls. It successfully works for more than 7 years.

WinTariff allows to write down calls and further them to process. The received results can be used, for example:

to compare the accounts of your local phone company with your PBX logs;
to analyse your PBX congestion;
to divide accounts of calls between various organizations using one PBX;
to make the accounts for the telephone calls to the clients of hotel.
You also have an opportunity to edit and to add new long distance and international codes.

WinTariff allows to use the various tariffs for accounts (it is necessary, for example, if your firm uses services of several telephone companies). You can easily change a format of the final report according to your requirements (for example, to insert your firm logo). Most frequently used operations can be stored and further to be caused on pressing one button. It makes WinTariff simple for use.

WinTariff can be configured to work in a local network - you can arrange one computer near PBX and to use it only for the data recording, and you can to process the data on your workplace.

WinTariff can be used for simultaneous records of the information from several PBXs