Portable Windows Media Recorder Pro 4.0

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Portable Windows Media Recorder Pro 4.0

Portable Windows Media Recorder Pro 4.0 | 2,35 Mb

Windows Media Recorder (WMR PRO) is the easiest and most advanced way to record video and audio from the Internet. Just open the recorder play the video or audio from your Internet Explorer browser or your favorite media player and the content will automatically be recorded. While extremely simple to operate WMR PRO provides a variety of advanced recording and processing options. Some of these options in particular the AUTO and Real Time recording modes are unique to this program.

Here are some of the features that made Windows Media Recorder the most popular stream recorder.

Automatic Recording - With the AUTO option set recording begins automatically when you play the video or audio. Not even one mouse click is required.
URL Recording - recording from known URL's. The URL's can be captured and saved using the Real Time recording modes.
Scheduled Recordings - schedule up to 50 recordings.
Multiple Recordings - simultaneously record up to 50 streams.
Password Protected Content - record content that require password authentication.
File reprocessing, fixing, editing and organizing.
Internet TV, Internet Radio, Video and Audio links.

Supported Media and Protocols

Windows Media Player - HTTP, RTSP, MMS
Real Player - RTSP, HTTP
QuickTime - HTTP
iPod - HTTP
Flash (FLV) - HTTP
Flash (SWF) - cache playback only
File Types: asf, wmv, wma, asx, wmx, rm, ra, ram, smil, flv, mpg, mp3, mov, m4v, mp4, avi,…. more

Music Videos
Internet TV
Web Radio, Shoutcast

Download: 2.35mb