After Life (2002) Après la vie

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After Life (2002) Après la vie

After Life (2002)
DVDRip | MKV | 718x554 | x264 @ 1278 Kbps | 119 min | 1,21 Gb
Audio: French AAC 2.0 @ 160 Kbps | Subs (embedded): English, Dutch
Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Lucas Belvaux
Writer: Lucas Belvaux
Stars: Gilbert Melki, Lucas Belvaux, Dominique Blanc

The final installment in director Lucas Belvaux's trilogy follows Pascal, a cop who sees a return to credibility in the capture of escaped convict Bruno–who in turn is harbored by Pascal's morphine-addicted wife Agnes. Pascal's already precarious ties to Agnes are strained further when he meets and falls for her fellow schoolteacher friend Cecile. With Pascal focused on Bruno and Cecile, Agnes is forced to find a fix on her own.

IMDB - 8 wins

Pascal Manise is a police inspector whose wife, a schoolteacher, is under the influence of morphine. Pascal, who loves too much his wife, buys the drug for her with Jacquillat, a local godfather who formerly has given money to left-winger terrorist organization. Pascal, on other hand, search Bruno le Roux, a terrorist of that organization who escaped recently from prison and who search the man who has denounced him to police. That man is Jacquillat and Jacquillat wants that Pascal gives information about Bruno le Roux and for that, refuses drug for Pascal's wife until Pascal accept this deal. Pascal's refusal has for consequences serious withdrawal symptoms for his wife, Agnes. This movie use the same characters that the two former parts of the trilogy and also some sequences, but the lightning of the movie is centred essentially on the problem of drug dependence and its consequences on the loving husband's comportment. The movie is very well acted especially by Dominique Blanc (Agnes, Pascal's wife) and by Gilbert Melki (Pascal).
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After Life (2002) Après la vie

Part of Belvaux's Trilogie, consisting of three films with interlocking stories and characters, each of which was filmed in a different genre: On the Run (2002) Cavale, a thriller; An Amazing Couple (2002) Un couple épatant, a comedy; and After Life (2002) Après la vie, a melodrama.

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