McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) + Extras [The Criterion Collection]

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McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) + Extras [The Criterion Collection]

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) + Extras
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Genre: Drama, Western | Director: Robert Altman

This unorthodox dream western by Robert Altman may be the most radically beautiful film to come out of the New American Cinema. It stars Warren Beatty and Julie Christie as two newcomers to the raw Pacific Northwest mining town of Presbyterian Church, who join forces to provide the miners with a superior kind of whorehouse experience. The appearance of representatives of a powerful mining company with interests of its own, however, threatens to be the undoing of their plans. With its fascinating flawed characters, evocative cinematography by the great Vilmos Zsigmond, innovative overlapping dialogue, and haunting use of Leonard Cohen songs, McCabe & Mrs. Miller brilliantly deglamorized and revitalized the most American of genres.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) + Extras [The Criterion Collection]

Audio Commentary with dierctor Robert Altman and David Foster. In it there is an abundance of information about the film's production history, the type of atmosphere it promotes and how it does it, the various conflicts between different characters, etc.

Way Out on a Limb - this brand new documentary focuses on the production history and style of McCabe & Mrs. Miller, the socio-cultural environment in which the film emerged, and Robert Altman's working methods. Included in the documentary are brand new interviews with actors Rene Auberjonois (Sheehan), Keith Carradine (the horny cowboy), Michael Murphy (Sears), casting director Graeme Clifford, and script supervisor Joan Tewkesbury, as well as various original production stills. The documentary was produced exclusively for Criterion in 2016 (55 min).

Cari Beauchamp and Rick Jewell - in this brand new filmed conversation, film historians Cari Beauchamp and Rick Jewell discuss some of the cliches that have been used during the years to describe McCabe & Mrs. Miller, the film's unique style and structure, and its placement in Robert Altman's body of work. The conversation was filmed exclusively for Criterion in 2016 (37 min.

Behind the Scenes - presented here is an archival featurette that chronicles the building of the Northwestern mining town that is seen in McCabe & Mrs. Miller. All of the archival footage was shot on location in British Columbia, Canada in 1970 (10 min).

Leon Ericksen - presented here is a segment from an archival filmed conversation between production designer Leon Ericksen (McCabe & Mrs. Miller), production designer Jack De Govia (Die Hard, Speed), and art director Al Locatelli (McCabe & Mrs. Miller) in which the three gentlemen discuss the filming of Robert Altman's unconventional western. The conversation was shot at the Art Directors Guild Film Society in Los Angeles in 1999 (38 min).

Vilmos Zsigmond - in this featurette, cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond discusses his work with Robert Altman on McCabe & Mrs. Miller, the time period in which the film emerged, and some of the trends and creative ideas that defined it. The featurette combines footage from two archival interviews which were conducted in 2005 and 2008 (12 min).

The Dick Cavett Show - presented here are two archival segments from The Dick Cavett Show.
1. Pauline Kael - in this segment, film critic Pauline Kael dismisses some early negative reviews of McCabe & Mrs. Miller, including a fairly popular one written by Rex Reed. The segment is from an episode of the show that aired on July 6, 1971 (11 min).
2. Robert Altman - in this segment, director Robert Altman discusses the sound design of McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Warren Beatty and Julie Christie's performances, the film business, etc. The segment is from an episode of the show that aired on August 16, 1971 (12 min).