Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

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Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection, Spine #931]
Blu-Ray | BDMV | AVC, 1920x1080, ~35.5 Mbps | 1hr 32mn | 44,8 GB
English: LPCM Audio, 1 ch, 1152 kbps
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, Romance, Black & White


Director: Josef von Sternberg (as Josef Von Sternberg)
Writers: Jules Furthman (adapted by), Benno Vigny (from the play "Amy Jolly" by)
Stars: Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, Adolphe Menjou

With this romantic reverie, Marlene Dietrich made her triumphant debut before American audiences and unveiled the enthralling, insouciant persona that would define her Hollywood collaboration with director Josef von Sternberg. Set on the far side of the world but shot outside Los Angeles, Morocco navigates a labyrinth of melancholy and desire as the cabaret singer Amy Jolly (Dietrich), fleeing her former life, takes her act to the shores of North Africa, where she entertains the overtures of a wealthy man of the world while finding herself increasingly drawn to a strapping legionnaire with a shadowy past of his own (Gary Cooper). Fueled by the smoldering chemistry between its two stars, and shot in dazzling light and seductive shadow, the Oscar-nominated Morocco is a transfixing exploration of elemental passions.

- Meimar on the Pacific, a new documentary about actor Marlene Dietrich’s German origins, featuring film scholars Gerd Gemünden and Noah Isenberg
- New interview with film scholars Janet Bergstrom
- The Real Amy Jolly
- The Legionnaire and the Lady, a 1936 Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of Morocco, featuring Dietrich and actor Clark Gable

Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood (Spine #930):
- Morocco (1930)
- Dishonored (1931)
- Shanghai Express (1932)
- Blonde Venus (1932)
- The Scarlet Empress (1934)
- The Devil Is a Woman (1935)

Tasked by studio executives with finding the next great screen siren, visionary Hollywood director Josef von Sternberg joined forces with rising German actor Marlene Dietrich, kicking off what would become one of the most legendary partnerships in cinema history. Over the course of six films produced by Paramount in the 1930s, the pair refined their shared fantasy of pleasure, beauty, and excess. Dietrich’s coolly transgressive mystique was a perfect match for the provocative roles von Sternberg cast her in—including a sultry chanteuse, a cunning spy, and the hedonistic Catherine the Great—and the filmmaker captured her allure with chiaroscuro lighting and opulent design, conjuring fever-dream visions of exotic settings from Morocco to Shanghai. Suffused with frank sexuality and worldly irony, these deliriously entertaining masterpieces are landmarks of cinematic artifice.


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Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

Morocco (1930) [Criterion Collection]

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