Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

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Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection, Spine #950]
Blu-Ray | BDMV | AVC, 1920x1080, ~29.8 Mbps | 2hr 02mn | 45,7 GB
English: LPCM Audio, 1 ch, 1152 kbps; English (commentary): AC3, 1 ch, 192 kbps
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 (212.042 votes)

Director: Billy Wilder
Writers: Billy Wilder (screenplay), I.A.L. Diamond (screenplay)
Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon

One of the most beloved films of all time, this sizzling masterpiece by Billy Wilder set a new standard for Hollywood comedy. After witnessing a mob hit, Chicago musicians Joe and Jerry (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, in landmark performances) skip town by donning drag and joining an all-female band en route to Miami. The charm of the group’s singer, Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe, at the height of her bombshell powers) leads them ever further into extravagant lies, as Joe assumes the persona of a millionaire to woo her and Jerry’s female alter ego winds up engaged to a tycoon. With a whip-smart script by Wilder and I. A. L. Diamond, and sparking chemistry among its finely tuned cast, Some Like It Hot is as deliriously funny and fresh today as it was when it first knocked audiences out six decades ago.


Disc Title: SomeLikeItHot.59.Cr.Br
Disc Size: 49 083 086 747 bytes
Protection: AACS
BD-Java: Yes
BDInfo: 0.5.8


Name: 00001.MPLS
Length: 2:02:18.289 (
Size: 31 165 304 832 bytes
Total Bitrate: 33,98 Mbps


Codec Bitrate Description
––- –––- –––––-
MPEG-4 AVC Video 29831 kbps 1080p / 23,976 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1


Codec Language Bitrate Description
––- –––– –––- –––––-
LPCM Audio English 1152 kbps 1.0 / 48 kHz / 1152 kbps / 24-bit
Dolby Digital Audio English 192 kbps 1.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps


Codec Language Bitrate Description
––- –––– –––- –––––-
Presentation Graphics English 70,947 kbps


Name Time In Length Size Total Bitrate
–– –––- ––– –– ––––––-
00274.M2TS 0:00:00.000 2:02:18.289 31 165 304 832 33 976


- New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
- Audio commentary from 1989 featuring film scholar Howard Suber
- New short program on Orry-Kelly’s costumes for the film, featuring costume designer and historian Deborah Nadoolman Landis and costume historian and archivist Larry McQueen
- Three behind-the-scenes documentaries
- Appearances by director Billy Wilder on The Dick Cavett Show from 1982
- Conversation from 2001 between actor Tony Curtis and film critic Leonard Maltin
- French television interview from 1988 with actor Jack Lemmon
- Radio interview from 1955 with actor Marilyn Monroe
- Trailer

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Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

Some Like It Hot (1959) [Criterion Collection]

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