Black Adder Season One Episode Six

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Black Adder Season One Episode Six
DVD-rip | 1983 | 31 minutes | 400x304 | Xvid | MP3 VBR 128 | 233 Mb | Burnt-in english subtitles

The classic first series of BlackAdder was slightly different to its successors–Ben Elton was not yet part of the writing team, and Shakespearean parody featured prominently. Rowan Atkinson was at his best as a would-be Machiavellian medieval intriguer while Brian Blessed plays his gloriously over the top blustering militarist father.

The sixth episode is called "The Black Seal". Blackadder decides that he can wait no longer to seize his destiny. He sets out to recruit the six most evil men in the Kingdom - The Black Seal - to help him take control of the country.

His plans are thwarted by the arrival of his oldest enemy: the Hawk. This implacable foe throws Edmund into a dungeon and goes off to take over the kingdom himself. Edmund escapes and summons the Black Seal, but they betray him and help the Hawk to imprison Edmund in a hideous torture device.

Percy and Baldrick kill the villains with poisoned wine, but unfortunately they manage to murder the entire royal family - Edmund included - with the same batch. Whoops.