"Biofuels: Challenges and Opportunities" ed. by Mansour Al Qubeissi

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"Biofuels: Challenges and Opportunities" ed. by Mansour Al Qubeissi

"Biofuels: Challenges and Opportunities" ed. by Mansour Al Qubeissi
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789855365 9781789855364 1789855357 9781789855357 | 173 pages | PDF | 21 MB

This volume is dedicated to plant and food wastes play an important role in reducing these costs and recycling dump bio-materials. Production of biofuels from non-food biomass has emerged as a sustainable option to tackle the problems associated with growing demands for energy.

Amongst concerns about climate change, energy security decline and depletion of fossil fuels, this book explores the high importance of and interests in alternative energy resources. Many studies have shown that biomass fuels are sustainable, environmentally friendly and can be the most appropriate replacement to the depleting crude oil. Additionally, they can expand green landscapes, create new job opportunities, be directly utilised in standard power systems and improve combustion performance. Biomass fuels can be limited due to production cost and competition with food.

1.Introductory Chapter: Biofuels - Challenges and Opportunities
2.Valorization of Wastes for Biodiesel Production: The Brazilian Case
3.Properties of Torrefied Palm Kernel Shell via Microwave Irradiation
4.Chemical Kinetic and High Fidelity Modeling of Transesterification
5.Measurement of Limited and Unlimited Emissions during Burning of Alternative Fuels in the Tractor’s Engines
6.Development and Implementation of Virtual Instrumentation for the Measurement of Operating Parameters of an Engine Using Diesel-Biodiesel Mixtures
7.Engineering Microbial Consortia for Bioconversion of Multisubstrate Biomass Streams to Biofuels
8.Effect of Binary Fuel Blends on Compression Ignition Engine Characteristics: A Review
9.Comparison of Ethanol and Methanol Blending with Gasoline Using Engine Simulation
10.Biodiesel in Brazil Should Take Off with the Newly Introduced Domestic Biofuels Policy: RenovaBio

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