Economics for Business Leaders

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Economics for Business Leaders

Economics for Business Leaders
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Learn how business leaders and executives use the most important economic data and reports when making strategic decisions. In this course, economics and finance expert Jason Schenker explores over a dozen critical data series and reports to watch closely when making planning, investment, and long-term strategic management decisions. Learn how to read and monitor reports about GDP, inflation, jobs, retail sales, and more. Plus, see how economic changes have short- and long-term impacts on the way you do business. Jason also explains how to track government spending and policies, Fed decisions, and other critical data that leaders use to keep up with changing economic conditions. Armed with the knowledge gained from this course, business leaders will be equipped to discuss how economic data, events, and policies have real-world business implications. This course can also help learners make better business decisions and lead their companies—and careers—in the right direction.

Topics include:

Articulating economic impacts on business
Using economic data to inform strategic business decisions
Using jobs and sales data to spot risks and opportunities
Analyzing inflation reports
Tracking Fed decisions and interest rates
Reading other policy reports
Incorporating economic data into decisions
Forecasting with demographics
Making economic comparisons

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Economics for Business Leaders