"Intelligent Video Surveillance" ed. by Antonio Neves

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"Intelligent Video Surveillance" ed. by Antonio Neves

"Intelligent Video Surveillance" ed. by Antonio Neves
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789850282 9781789850284 1789850274 9781789850277 | 151 pages | PDF | 23 MB

This book is an outcome of research done by several researchers who have highly contributed to the field of Video Surveillance. The main goal is to present recent advances in this important topic for the Image Processing community.

The goal of Intelligent video surveillance systems is to efficiently extract useful information from a considerable number of videos collected by surveillance cameras by automatically detecting, tracking and recognizing objects of interest, and understanding and analyzing their activities. Video surveillance has a huge amount of applications, from public to private places. These applications require monitoring indoor and outdoor scenes. Nowadays, there are a considerable number of digital surveillance cameras collecting a huge amount of data on a daily basis. Researchers are urged to develop intelligent systems to efficiently extract and visualize useful information from this big data source. The exponential effort on the development of new algorithms and systems for video surveillance is confirmed by the amount of effort invested in projects and companies, the creation on new startups worldwide and, not less important, in the quantity and quality of the manuscripts published in a considerable number of journals and conferences worldwide.

1.Particle-Filter-Based Intelligent Video Surveillance System
2.Video Surveillance-Based Intelligent Traffic Management in Smart Cities
3.Advance Intelligent Video Surveillance System (AIVSS): A Future Aspect
4.Real-Time Action Recognition Using Multi-level Action Descriptor and DNN
5.Human Activity Recognition without Vision Tracking
6.Device-Free Localization for Human Activity Monitoring
7.Access Control in the Wild Using Face Verification
8.Detecting Micro-Expressions in Real Time Using High-Speed Video Sequences

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