"MATLAB: A Ubiquitous Tool for the Practical Engineer" ed. by Clara M. Ionescu

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"MATLAB: A Ubiquitous Tool for the Practical Engineer" ed. by Clara M. Ionescu

"MATLAB: A Ubiquitous Tool for the Practical Engineer" ed. by Clara M. Ionescu
Second Edition
ITexLi | 2017 | ISBN: 953307907X 9789533079073 | 556 pages | PDF | 20 MB

This book is written for both engineering students, as well as for practicing engineers. The wide range of applications in which MATLAB is the working framework, shows that it is a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use environment for performing technical computations.

The book includes various excellent applications in which MATLAB is employed: from pure algebraic computations to data acquisition in real-life experiments, from control strategies to image processing algorithms, from graphical user interface design for educational purposes to Simulink embedded systems.

A well-known statement says that the PID controller is the "bread and butter" of the control engineer. This is indeed true, from a scientific standpoint. However, nowadays, in the era of computer science, when the paper and pencil have been replaced by the keyboard and the display of computers, one may equally say that MATLAB is the "bread" in the above statement. MATLAB has became a de facto tool for the modern system engineer.

Part 1 Applied Mathematics
Part 2 Database Development
Part 3 Control Applications
Part 4 Modelling, Identification and Simulation
Part 5 Image Processing

1 Effect of the Guess Function & Continuation Method on the Run Time of MATLAB BVP Solvers
2 Revisiting the Ceschino Interpolation Method
3 Matrix Based Operatorial Approach to Differential and Integral Problems
4 Comparison of Methodologies for Analysis of Longitudinal Data Using MATLAB
5 Educational Simulator for Particle Swarm Optimization and Economic Dispatch Applications
6 Decomposition Approach for Inverse Matrix Calculation
7 A Cluster-Based Method for Evaluation of Truck's Weighing Control Stations
8 The Impact of the Data Archiving File Format on Scientific Computing and Performance of Image Processing Algorithms in MATLAB Using Large HDF5 and XML Multimodal and Hyperspectral Data Sets
9 Energy Management in Buildings Using MATLAB
10 Synchronous Generator Advanced Control Strategies Simulation
11 Design of PSO-Based Optimal/Tunable PID Fuzzy Logic Controller Using FPGA
12 Cascaded NPC/H-Bridge Inverter with Simplified Control Strategy and Superior Harmonic Suppression
13 MATLAB: A Systems Tool for Design of Fuzzy LMI Controller in DC-DC Converters
14 MATLAB as Interface for Intelligent Digital Control of Dynamic Systems
15 A Fuzzy Finite Element Method Programmed in MATLAB for the Analysis of Uncertain Control Systems of Structures
16 Visual and Thermal Image Fusion for UAV Based Target Tracking
17 Research of Fuzzy-Systems of Automatic Frequency and Phase Control on Basis of MATLAB
18 Automotive Sketch Processing in C++ with MATLAB Graphic Library
19 Simulation of Rough Surfaces and Analysis of Roughness by MATLAB
20 MATLAB in Biomodeling
21 Non Linear Algorithm for Automatic Image Processing Applications in FPGAs
22 Using MATLAB to Compute Heat Transfer in Free Form Extrusion
23 MATLAB as a Tool in Nuclear Medicine Image Processing
24 Selected Methods of Image Analysis in Optical Coherence Tomography
25 Image Processing for Optical Metrology

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