"Recent Trends in Communication Networks" ed. by Pinaki Mitra

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"Recent Trends in Communication Networks" ed. by Pinaki Mitra

"Recent Trends in Communication Networks" ed. by Pinaki Mitra
ITExLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1838805079 9781838805074 1838805060 9781838805067 1839629916 9781839629914 | 222 pages | PDF | 31 MB

The book addresses new research techniques that have evolved to handle these challenges.

In recent years there has been many developments in communication technology. This has greatly enhanced the computing power of small handheld resource-constrained mobile devices. Different generations of communication technology have evolved. This had led to new research for communication of large volumes of data in different transmission media and the design of different communication protocols. Another direction of research concerns the secure and error-free communication between the sender and receiver despite the risk of the presence of an eavesdropper. For the communication requirement of a huge amount of multimedia streaming data, a lot of research has been carried out in the design of proper overlay networks.

1.Introductory Chapter: Recent Trends in Communication Networks
2.A Survey on Piracy Protection Techniques in Digital Cinema Watermarking Schemes
3.Confidentiality and Integrity for IoT/Mobile Networks
4.Electromagnetic Eavesdropping
5.Geo Location of Mobile Device
6.Cognitive Radio-Modulation and Demodulation
7.Application of Random Walk Model for Timing Recovery in Modern Mobile SATCOM Systems
8.Design Principles of 5G NR RoF-Based Fiber-Wireless Access Network
9.Design and Analysis of Analog to Digital Converter System Clock Source Using Direct Digital Synthesizer
10.Understanding of On-Chip Power Supply Noise: Suppression Methodologies and Challenges
11.A Survey on Adaptive Multimedia Streaming
12.Secure and Energy-Efficient Communication in IoT/CPS
13.A Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols: A Comparative Study

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