"Tectonics: Problems of Regional Settings" ed. by Evgenii Sharkov

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"Tectonics: Problems of Regional Settings" ed. by Evgenii Sharkov

"Tectonics: Problems of Regional Settings" ed. by Evgenii Sharkov
ITExLi | 2018 | ISBN: 178923137X 9781789231373 1789231361 9781789231366 | 159 pages | PDF | 63 MB

This book is devoted to different aspects of tectonic researches. New results and interpretations are presented here for diverse tectonic settings. Most of the chapters include up-to-date materials of detailed geological investigations, often combined with geophysical data, which can help understand more clearly the essence of mechanisms of different tectonic processes.

Some chapters are devoted to the tectonic evolution of regions (East Antarctica, East Kazakhstan, Mongolo-Okhotsk orogenic belt), and others have dealt with the different aspects of tectonic events: influence of detachment structural deformation on pore structure evolution in shales, evolution of drainage in response to brittle-ductile dynamics and surface processes, soft sediment deformation structures triggered by the modern earthquakes, and post-opening deformation history of the Japan Sea back-arc basin.

1 Seismological Implication to the Tectonic Evolution of the Lutzow-Holm Bay Region (East Antarctica)
2 Tectonic Insight in the Southwest Gondwana Boundary Based on Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility
3 Bureya-Jiamusi Superterrane: Tectonic and Geodynamic Processes in Late Mesozoic - Cenozoic
4 A Discussion on the Detachment Structural Deformation and Its Influence on Pore Structure Evolution in Shale on the Western of the Xuefeng Mountain, South China
5 Tectonics and Metallogeny of East Kazakhstan
6 Post-Opening Deformation History of the Japan Sea Back-Arc Basin: Tectonic Processes on an Active Margin Governed by the Mode of Plate Convergence
7 Soft Sediment Deformation Structures Triggered by the Earthquakes: Response to the High Frequent Tectonic Events during the Main Tectonic Movements
8 Evolution of Drainage in Response to Brittle - Ductile Dynamics and Surface Processes in Kachchh Rift Basin, Western India

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