WenLin Chinese Dictionary

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* High speed customizable and expandable Chinese dictionary
* Over ten thousand characters, seventy-four thousand words and phrases
* Instant "point to" vocabulary look-up
* Click access to essential vocabulary info
* Extensive character descriptions and cross-referencing
* Pictures of ancient and modern forms of Chinese characters
* Desktop access to important Chinese scholarship and literature
* Click access to all words that contain a character, including definitions, ordered by frequency of usage
* Character look-up by component, including groups that share components
* Fast automatic search access to huge selection of literature, for finding examples in context
* Character lists arranged by stroke-count and pronunciation
* Automatically updated listing

Text Editor

* Reads, writes, edits, and prints Chinese documents
* Supports Unicode format, the most widely recognized world standard, as well as GB, Big5, UTF-8 and HZ
* Built-in selection of Chinese literature, current new media included
* Word-wrap, undo, cut, copy, paste, search, and replace
* Unlimited document size
* Characters and words entered using phonetic conversion or handwriting recognition
* Instant dictionary integrated with text editor
* Combines simple and full form Chinese characters, pinyin, and English in one document
* Compatible with other Chinese language applications, pen/tablet tools

"Flashcards" System

* Automated drill and review
* Interactive testing, multiple-choice and composed-answer
* Scoring and tracking
* Dictionary access while memorizing vocabulary
* Simultaneous display of documents, definitions, lists, and flashcards


* Animated Stroke-By-Stroke Display
* Instant Handwriting Recognition
* Audio-CD quality studio recordings of all Mandarin syllable

This is a nice app if want to learn chinese.