DropSum v1.1

Posted By: agam3rs
DropSum v1.1

DropSum v1.1 | Game | iPhone | 6.7MB

In DropSum you drop numbered balls into a grid. The aim is to make a line of these balls add up to 9, either horizontally or vertically. When you make nine you score some points and all the balls involved change color. They start out grey and advance to blue, yellow and then red. Once a red ball has been used to make a sum of nine it will explode and allow any balls above it to fill the gap. The falling numbers then have the potential to form scoring combinations with their new neighbors, which may burst other balls, and so on. Setting up large combos like this is the way to score serious points. The game ends when the whole grid is filled. Destroy special octagon tiles and you'll release a special star. These stars are gathered up after a short while. The more stars gathered, the higher the bonus you'll receive. DropSum becomes very addictive and will improve your basic maths skills the more you play it. It's great for both kids and adults and will help speed up your mental maths agility. * Listen to the relaxing in game music or your own iTunes music * Your progress is always saved if you quit at any point * Ten trophies to achieve * Classic and techno display themes with their own music styles