Roadkill Cafe v1.1

Posted By: agam3rs
Roadkill Cafe v1.1

Roadkill Cafe v1.1 | Game | iPhone | 5MB

It's the Grand Opening of the Roadkill Cafe and Slim LaChance is out to build a reputation for serving the best redneck cuisine in three counties. Collect roadkills, dodge traffic, and keep your customers satisfied before they blow their tops.

Complete Cafe mode to unlock unlimited Arcade mode, and additional difficulties. Try to outscore players around the world on the international scoreboard!

Roadkill Cafe also includes the following mini-games:

Survivor - The next time someone tells you to go play in traffic, you'll have the option of trying this simulator first. Dodge traffic for as long as you can.

Vengeance - Why did the chicken cross the road? Vengeance! Bloodthirsty chickens with a taste for rednecks are on the loose. Luckily rhinos hate chickens. Try not to get killed in the melee.

Rampage - What's a road trip without roadkills? Go for a ride on the Infinity Highway, dodging traffic and flattening fauna. Rack up the points the farther you go, but try and stay between the lines.