Aztec Bricks v1.0 & Aztec Bricks v1.0 PLUS 2 TRAINER

[[center]b]Aztec Bricks v1.0 & Aztec Bricks v1.0 PLUS 2 TRAINER

Welcome to the world of the ancient tribes of Mayas and Aztecs!
This Arkanoid is full of effects to drive mad everyone who is
fond of dangerous and exciting adventures. Flying skulls,
red-hot stones, sounds of tomtoms and a great deal of surprises
are ready to give you additional chances.

At the end of each level pack a Big Boss is waiting for you to prevent from the success in this game. This Arkanoid will transfer you to the ancient world
of the Maya and Aztecs and you won’t be alone in this game. There are
enough helpers, there are enough traps too. Be careful! There is
everything to feel the epoch of the ancient tribes. Y-yes! This is a
lunatic game for lunatic players.

120 levels!
5 huge bosses
36 types of power-ups: guns, bombs, cannon, rockets, energy wall and other
5 authors soundtrack!
high detailed ancient world!!!

9.2 MB

Password: things