Beyond the Red Line (Battlestar Galactica clone demo)

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Beyond the Red Line (Battlestar Galactica clone demo)

Beyond the Red Line
Windows PC - Mac - Linux | 388 Mb (Windows) | Freeware

Home page:

(From the home page)
What is Beyond the Red Line?
Beyond the Red Line is a stand-alone total conversion for the award-winning Freespace 2 released by Volition and Interplay for the PC. It is based on the popular new TV show Battlestar Galactica. No, not the one from the 70s.

Will I need Freespace 2 to play it?
No, Beyond the Red Line is a stand-alone conversion and will not require Freespace 2. All you need for playing will be included in the download.

Is it free?
Absolutely. The game is made by fans for the fans, no profit is being made from any part of the project. Although we could use some pizzas and coke to keep our mortal bodies running.

When will it be done?
When it's done.

Will the game feature Newtonian "real space" physics?
No, the original Freespace 2 was designed as an arcade space shooter. However, we have included some new additions to the game that allow you to pull off some of the maneuvers you see in the show.

Will there be multiplayer support?
Yes, multiplayer will feature such gameplay modes as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Gauntlet missions and possibly some coop missions.

Will the main campaign story follow the TV show?
Download the demo and see for yourself.

What sort of computer do I need to run the game?
Beyond the Red Line will run on a wide range of computer specifications. There will be many options you can tweak to make the performance optimal on your computer.

Will I need a joystick?
No, you can also use mouse, gamepad, or keyboard. [as well as a joystick]

What kind of ships will be flyable?
You can fly Viper Mk II, Viper Mk VII and Raider in the demo. More ships will possibly be featured in the main release.

Beyond the Red Line (Battlestar Galactica clone demo)

My comments:
Although this is an unofficial game version of BSG and still only a demo, it plays very smoothly with impressive graphics and audio. There is a lively forum to answer all your questions. Forget that this is still a demo and treat it as a fully playable game. There is a learning curve to master before you can fly this Viper but the tutorial makes it fun.

There are several download mirrors, all fast (including bittorrent), and you can of course use a download manager like Flashget.
Go to the Downloads section of the home page.

You should also install the latest update patcher (22 Mb), which is located here:

Also my thanks to klol101 for posting the official Sierra version of the game (which is quite different):