Trembling Towers

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Trembling Towers

Trembling Towers
PC Game - Puzzle - 11,6 MB

Are you looking for an unusual and innovative puzzle game which grabs you and
does not let you go again? Then you are right here! Trembling Towers may look a
bit simple, but we insure: if you ever tried, you will never stop! Your job is
really simple: create towers!
With a lot of different stones you have to solve easy and difficult jobs: for
example you should build a high tower with only a few stones. On the other hand
in some levels you are not allowed to pass a specific maximum or some towers have
to be build into broad. But be careful: similar to Jenga: the tower can collapse!
The more stones you are using the more the tower will wobble. As soon as your
tower has lost its balance it will collapse in an impressive manner. Until you
have fulfilled all mission goals and the tower is stable for a while you have
succeeded this level. Start building towers!
For example in the ice world the stones are slipping ice cubes, on the moon you
have to handle low gravitation and in the lava world the stones are made of gluey
broiling lava.

Here are some key features of "Trembling Towers":

· 70 very different and various levels will guarantee hours of fun
· 20 of these levels are tricky silhouette puzzles in which you have to create an
exact tower from which you only know the silhouette
· 12 different shapes of the stones
· 7 various worlds with individual characteristics and an exact physical
calculation of the stones makes this game become a hit


Password: ratataplan