The political machine

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The political machine

The political machine

PC Game - Strategy - 33,4 MB

The Political Machine is a strategy game in which players take on the role of campaign manager for a US Presidential candidate. They must put all their political knowledge to the test as they campaign around the country in an effort to win enough voters to their cause to win on election day.

The game makes heavy use of real world demographic information to provide a realistic playing field and models contemporary issues such as the War on Terror, the economy, the policy in Iraq, and many more (issues can be updated via to keep them up to date).

Players take out political ads, build campaign head quarters, make speeches, go on cable TV shows such as “The O’Maley Scneario” and “Hard Hitter” to answer the tough questions, and even must deal with spin doctors, scandal mongers, smear merchants, and more.

Players can create their own candidates from scratch or make use of historical candidates from Bill Clinton to Abraham Lincoln. The game ends on election day (in the game) when the polls close and the votes counted to see who will become President of the United States.

The game is both a single player game (against the computer) as well as a multiplayer game. Its main goal is to be a fun game but its accurate modeling of US politics and census data also make it an excellent educational tool as well. Its inside references and humor should also delight the political junkie inside everyone.