Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling

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Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling

The most realistic bowling simulation available, Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling
features the best known license in the sport, including all of its personalities,
tournaments, state-of-the-art equipment and family fun. Choose from among 13
of your favorite Brunswick Pro Staff bowlers and hit the lanes in a true 3D simulation,
utilizing the most advanced physics engines to date for unsurpassed realism in ball
and pin action. Based on actual Brunswick tournaments, Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling
boasts authentic tournament rules, equipment, and structures, including the brand new
Brunswick Bowling Skins Game!

The drama and grace of professional bowling comes to the PC in BRUNSWICK CIRCUIT PRO BOWLING. Choose to play as one of 13 pro bowlers or create a bowler suited to your individual style. Then hit the lanes in any of these modes: Exhibition, Skins, Tournament, Career, and Cosmic Bowling. Once out on the lanes, don’t be intimidated by the trash-talk from the other players. Are you ready for the action of BRUNSWICK CIRCUIT PRO BOWLING?


• 13 Brunswick Pro Staff Bowlers, 8 playing modes including a create a bowler mode, up to 8 alternating players.

9x49mb - 1+33mb

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