Posted By: berguntm

The year is 2028 and you are in the race of your life. Carmageddon sees you pit you wits against 25 other manic drivers over 30 race circuits in your quest to become Prince of the Pile-up. Carmageddon is more than just your average driving game. Pedestrians are the main target of the day as you drive towards and through them at speeds over 100mph. Not even farmyard animals are safe as you slam on your hand brake and spin into a cow-mincing frenzy. Blood, guts and udders fly past your car as you wheel spin through the remains. You are also actively encouraged to destroy other contestants vehicles on the track, awarding the victorious driver with credits, depending on the extent of the damage inflicted. These credits can be exchanged for automatic damage repair to your car or better and more deadly features when you visit the parts shop. Alternatively you can 'hard shoulder' your opponent, leave your twisted smouldering wreck on the kerb and steal the other drivers that's part exchange with a difference!