PS2 Dance Factory

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¤¤¤ Dance Factory ¤¤¤

PS2 Dance Factory

PS2 | ISO | 12X20 Mo

Unlimited music, Unlimited dance, Total fun!

Get down and party with the only PlayStation 2 game that gets you grooving to your own CD collection. No other dance mat game gives you an unlimited choice of tunes!

- Generates dance moves from ANY music CD.

- Playable with any dance mat or controller and includes EyeToy support.

- Keep fit and have fun with the in-game calorie counter.

- Discover and dance with the unique digital creatures generated by your music CDs.

- Create your own dance routines and share with your friends.

- Multiplay options including Cooperative and Creature Battle modes, for up to 16 players.

- 5 licensed starter tracks to get you grooving.

PS2 Dance Factory

PS2 Dance Factory