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Raven's first attempt at using the DOOM engine was an instant success. While Heretic kept nearly everything that made DOOM the legend it was, it introduced some new features (like looking up and down, an inventory of artifacts you can carry, flying) that made it definitely not just another DOOM clone. Unlike previous fantasy games from Raven (Black Crypt, ShadowCaster), Heretic was not a role playing game with quests, puzzles and a score of items. It was a fast-paced, furious 3D shooter with a little fantasy / RPG touch that only enhanced the gaming experience, but didn't slow down the action (like some aspects of Hexen did).

This was the first part of the Serpent Riders trilogy, introducing the first Serpent Rider, D'Sparil whose legions have invaded the homelands of the Sidhe Elves. Your goal as one of the last Sidhe is to cleanse the world of this evil.

General Info
Release Date: 1994
Publisher: id Software / GT Interactive
Platform(s): DOS
World Type: Fantasy
Game Type: 3D First Person Shooter
Base Engine: DOOM
Source Code: Released
System Requirements
CPU 486/33 MHz
Graphics VGA
Disk Space 15 MB
Sound SoundBlaster & compatibles
CD drive only for installation

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