Project Eden

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Project Eden

Lead 4 specialists in innovative squad-based play into an
abyss of vast caverns, snake-like tunnels, and luring
dead-ends. Switch control between members of your team at
any time during play. The squad leader, the tech specialist, the skilled engineer, and the goliath Cyborg.
11 chilling mission-based levels will test your exploration, puzzle-solving, and survival skills
Morphing enemies challenge you constantly, mutating as
quickly as you learn how to destroy them
Unique weapons and equipment increase your chances for
success and survival. The Timeshock device can slow time
around your opponents, the Extractor drains energy from
hostile enemies, and the Disc Launcher can bounce exploding
projectiles onto targets out of sight with laser trajectory guidance
Control remotely operated equipment such as mini-rovers to
reach inaccessible areas, hover-cameras to scout treacherous
paths ahead, and gun emplacements to aid you in intense gunfire situations
Mission intensity will likely exhaust your internal energy banks.
Power-cell equipment may be replenished by tapping into
still live energy sources below the city depths such as
power-points, batteries, and old generators

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