Java S60: Bubu 2 Power Pants :: Star Diversion :: Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross :: Truck Tycoon

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Java Games for S60

Bubu 2 Power Pants v1.0.5
Soon after his escape from the psychiatrichospital, Bubu (see: Bubu - The Great Escape game) has serious troubles. He has run out of money. While drinking in a galactic bar with Mr. Schizoo they had a bright idea. Using the mysterious, legendary Power Pants that give extreme powers to the one wearing them, they decided to fight in Intergalactic Boxing Championship and win the prize. Now Bubu must go and find the legendary item. Only the old Monk knows where the Power Pants are hidden, but will not reveal his secret easily.

Star Diversion v1.1.3
Your arsenal consists of a double missile and a homing laser. Clear all the 5 stages and enjoy the fluidity of motion and the high-end graphic.

Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross v1.5.0
Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross. Sporting the visage and thumbs up of one of the sport's hottest champions, the game looks like a winner on handsets, thanks to some very compelling game play and solid control.

Truck Tycoon v1.0.0
Fresh off the heels of a successful campaign last year with Elections 2004, Lunagames has another management sim ready to start the new year. Being a management sim specialist on the mobile phone gaming market, I had high expectations of Lunagames Truck Tycoon and after playing the game, I find myself pretty well satisfied withtheir latest offering.

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