TankGap Game 3.1

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TankGap Game 3.1

TankGap Game 3.1 | 2 MB

"Tank Battle - You have to stop the enemy at all costs until you get help."
The enemy has made a breach through the Front Line and your mission is to stop him at all costs until you get help.
You can play this game against your computer or against a real opponent in the local computer network (LAN) or over the Internet.
You do not have to install this game.
You can download it or copy to any folder. If you get it in a .zip file, unpack it wherever you want.
Game does not affect in any way your operating system or any program you use on your computer.
Full Installation:
If you prefer a full installation or you have any problem running the game on your computer, you can download a full install setup from the game web site. After you finish the installation procedure, game will be installed on the Program Files folder and you will run it as any other program, from the Start menu.
If you don't like this game, or for any reason you want to remove it, simply delete the game folder from your computer. If you made a desktop shortcut, delete it too.
If you have done a full installation, you can uninstall the game by running Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
Game Play:
You can move your tank left or right by pressing A or S key on the keyboard or by pressing left or right arrow key.
You can move your second tank by pressing Q or W key, and your third tank by pressing Z or X keys.
You define a target by moving your mouse pointer and fire by pressing a mouse button.
Press F1 or click on Help button.
Game Settings:
Press F12 or click on Game Settings button.
We wish you a lot of joy, fun and success with this game.
* License: Freeware
* OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me
* Requirements: No special requirements
* Publisher: Persej doo
* Homepage: dаzzlinggаmеs.cоm

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