Lemmings Revolution

Posted By: Zalvador

Lemmings Revolution
PC | 245 MB

After years of risking life and limb, the Lemmings' migration to
find their utopia was over. The Lemmings had found their promised
land and made themselves at home. Some took shelter in the forests,
and some by the ocean, while others settled in the desert.

Little did the Lemmings know that their adventures had become the
stuff of legend, and had attracted particular interest among the weasels.
One dark night, every Lemming was captured and packed away into boxes
while the weasels set to work! The only means of escape is their hot
air balloons. Unfortunately these have been strategically positioned
to lure the Lemmings into danger. Lead the Lemmings to Safety in this
addicting puzzle/strategy game!

The witless little Lemmings have returned – this time in a simple,
elegant 3D world filled with hazards like lava and perilous heights.
One hundred puzzles to play over again and again – like the Treehouse,
the Stone Tower and more!
Rotate the puzzle structure while directing Lemmings around its entire
circumference, guiding the little morons to the safety of a waiting hot
air balloon. Three types of Lemmings to play – standard, lava and
water Lemmings have unique skills. Using the 16 skills you can teach the
Lemmings to help them along – such as the classic Basher and Climber
to the new Trampoline and AntiGravity and more!
Adjustable difficulty settings – customize the game for any ability l
evel – from Easy to Very Hard and anywhere in between.
Wonderful, pleasing scenery and music to enjoy while preventing the demise
of these dopey guys.

♥Casual .exe Setup
♦Windows 95/98/XP
♣Pentium II 266MHz
♠64 MB RAM
♥450 MB hard disk space
♦CD-ROM Drive required
♣DirectX-compatible Sound Card
♠4MB DirectX-compatible 3D Video Card
♥DirectX 7