Jackpot Match-Up: Penny's Vegas Adventure v1.0

Jackpot Match-Up: Penny's Vegas Adventure v1.0 | 21mb

Ever had an unreasonable boss? Ever wished you could just win a bunch of money? Our friend Penny sure has. In this new casino-themed puzzle game, you’ll help Penny match colorful tiles in order to win big money. As you match, watch the stack of coins in the pot grow and also keep one eye on the timer. Take too long and you'll forfeit the money in the pot. Cash in the pot too quickly and you'll leave behind unclaimed coins. Smash crates, spin the bonus wheel, and use special moves to increase your odds of hitting the jackpot and helping Penny turn her luck around.

Game features:
• Explore all 5 casinos.
• Use power-ups to swing the odds to your favor.
• Play to help Penny turn her luck around!
• Collect Linker Tiles to earn spins of the Bonus Wheel.

System requirements:
• Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 8
• 600 MHz
• 256 MB RAM

PW: things